Frequently asked question

Q. What kinds of ads can I post on

We focus on the following:

Lost & Found , Accident Witnesses, Thanks for your service (Military), Three Cheers,
Warnings & scams, Community, Personal Messages, Garage & Yard Sale, Charitable
Solicitations, Volunteers Wanted, Teacher Tales, New Business, Clinical Trials, etc....

Q. What kinds of ads cannot be posted on
Nothing for sale ie.. cars, phones, shoes, houses.  No dating, hook-ups. No Job offers or
seekers.  No Pyramide schemes.  

Q. What is the policy on handling the information you collect (e-mail and mailing
We take your privacy very seriously. We do not sell or distribute any information which
goes through our system.  We also do not maintain records of your credit card or other
payment information.

Q. How long will my Ad run?
The longer an ad runs obviously increases its exposure and viewers, so we allow 3 to 4
weeks to give longevity to your ads and extend their lives if need be.

Q. When can I use this service?
Aside from scheduled downtimes for website maintenance, our site is available 24
hours a day, every day.

Q. Why do I need to include my zip code?
Including your ZIP Code will target your Ad to a specific location generating the most
and the highest quality leads. However, your ad is not strictly limited to that ZIP Code.
Our website is nationwide, so regardless of being required to enter your desired ZIP
Code, we do not want to limit your reach – your Ad will show up in any users broader
searches as well as local ones. If they are looking, they’ll find it.

Q. How long does it take to process my ad?
When you submit an ad it takes on a PENDING status as it is processed. There are many
different factors that speed up or delay this process, but we try to get all ads processed
within 24 hours (but its usually much quicker). Weekends and holidays can slow the

Q. Why was my Ad declined?
We are
not a Personals or Classified Ad site. So we've created our free website for those
desperately seeking to locate a known or unknown person, post an announcement or
list a warning.  We do not permit ads or posts for goods or services that appear to
facilitate the sale of goods from, with, or to businesses or persons.  We do not permit
ad postings that contain items, photos, or terms that are abusive, threatening, libelous,
promote hate or intolerance, or would generally be considered offensive by our users.  
Also, no ads that contain an external link seemingly used for the sole purpose of driving
traffic to another website.  
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