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What is

We are a site for listing letters or notes from people seeking to find someone, express their views, report fraud, or
announce happenings in their lives.  All done anonymously  or by identifying themselves in their posts..

How do I use your site?

First like all sites of this type you must register.  You will receive a confirmation email and later a link back here. You can then
post a message after reading  our privacy policy  and consent. Choose a category and
Post A Message .  

Why would I use this site?

Other sites may offer a posting however, you can only reply to the subject discussed.  Others will only be seen by your
friends. is seen by the world giving you a wider audience to view your message.   

Will you edit my message?

No, we do not. Content submitted is not edited or spell-checked before they post.  Letters are screened for profanity, hate mail, sexual
content, inappropriate or suggestive actions which are strictly forbidden.

How do I contact you?

You may contact us at:  

What is the cost for posting a message?

The cost is $5.00 for a 1 page message posted in our  Business Opportunity or ad section.  Paid postings will be posted for
4 weeks.  You must select a city and state.  If you would like your ad to appear in all cities and states available the cost is $55.00.
All other postings are free. The small price we charge is not strictly for profit but, to prevent those who may abuse our service with
unnecessary or overuse of postings.

How long will a message remain posted?

Content will be posted within 24 hrs and remain posted for 4 weeks.

Is there a membership?

No, membership is not required to post a message however, you must provide a valid  name and email during registration.  

Lost your password?

Click here.....

Why does it take 24hrs?

Because we don't require a membership or account, it is necessary to screen messages by personally  viewing each.  Done
to prevent unwanted posts of a nature forbidden according to our policies.

Can I change my posting if something is wrong?

Yes, select change my post in the navigation box at the bottom of most pages and follow the directions.

Does your site work with all browsers?

Some older browsers may not display our site properly. In order to have full access and enjoy our services,
we recommend the following:

Firefox 3+ (PC / Mac / Linux) - Recommended.
Safari 4+ (PC / Mac) - Recommended.
Internet Explorer 7 - Supported.
Other Browsers - Unsupported but should work.
Internet Explorer 6 - May be Incompatible. Please upgrade to IE7 or newer
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